The Finer Points of Pen & Ink

Boo-Boo in the Chair

Handout, Presentation, Resources, and Exercises

Course Handout and Presentations:

Handout in PDF format: FINER_Point_Pen_Ink


Link to Cheryl’s page of Hyperlapse Demos

Creative Commons Videos (Shareable Content with Creative Content Licensure)

Getting Started: Pens, Ink, Drawing Techniques

—-Attribution (Creative Commons Video): Sandy Allnock’s Artventure

HOW To Draw TEXTURES | Pen And Ink Tutorial

—-Attribution (Creative Commons Video): Fana Smetana Art

Exercises (4 post-class tasks to try on your own!):

    • Exercise 1:Brush Control

      Purchase a lined notebook and practice making lines and “0s”  (circular shapes with a brush).  Put the lines close together and far apart.

      Exercise 2:

      Value Patterns in Black

      Set up a still life and light it from one side. Do a contour line drawing with a Uniball pen.  Then with a brush and India ink indicate value patterns in solid black.

      Exercise 3:

      Quick Sketches

      Set up a still life and light it from one side. Mix a light and dark wash in watercolor or dilute India ink. Draw your still life in pen (no shading) and apply light and dark washes to the paper creating light and dark value patterns.


      Exercise 4:

      Suburban Sketching

      Get a sketchbook, set up mobile gear including a pen, small set of watercolors, a pen, and get out there.

Suggested Books: